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We are pleased to announce the selection of Carson Valley Violins as a distributor of the fine Slovakian Violins of Master Luthier, Juraj Vancík. These exquisitely crafted instruments are presently valued at $5,000 and will undoubtedly increase in value with age and playing. Vancík violins have a consistently beautiful, even tone and are currently owned by professional symphony musicians in the United States and Europe.

All instruments are available for a one week trial (US and Canada) and are fully guaranteed. A certificate of authenticity and value, signed by the maker, is included with each instrument.

Dealer inquiries invited.

Juraj Vancík, Violin #114, $5,000

We have several more of these fine violins in stock

A limited number of handmade violins and violas by Award Winning Luthier, Nelle Doak O'Neill are also available. Please visit her web site for more information and to watch the fascinating process of violin making . . . follow the construction of a new violin, from the preliminary plans, to its first playing!

Nelle Doak O'Neill